Ridge Augmentation

Are you experiencing a loss of jawbone structure? At Southwest Dentistry, we offer ridge augmentation, a dental procedure designed to restore the natural contour and width of your jawbone. By addressing ridge deficiencies, we can create a solid foundation for dental implant placement and enhance your oral health and aesthetics.

Understanding Ridge Deficiencies

Ridge deficiencies refer to the loss of jawbone structure, which can occur due to tooth loss or bone resorption. If left untreated, ridge deficiencies can lead to a range of consequences, including compromised oral function, facial asymmetry, and difficulties in securing dental implants. Ridge augmentation serves as an effective treatment option to restore your jawbone’s integrity.

The Ridge Augmentation Procedure

Our skilled dental professionals will explain the ridge augmentation procedure and its purpose to you in detail. We utilize various techniques and materials, such as bone grafts and soft tissue grafts, to rebuild the ridge and recreate a natural-looking jawbone contour. Throughout the surgical process, we employ advanced techniques and instruments to ensure successful ridge augmentation. The healing timeline will be discussed, and you can expect personalized care every step of the way.

Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Restoring the natural contour and width of your jawbone
  • Creating a solid foundation for dental implants, improving their stability and longevity
  • Enhancing facial aesthetics and smile symmetry
  • Improving oral function and chewing ability, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods with confidence

Personalized Treatment Plans

We understand that every patient is unique. Our team at Southwest Dentistry is dedicated to tailoring ridge augmentation procedures to meet your individual needs. We will discuss the available grafting options and treatment goals, ensuring that your ridge augmentation is personalized to achieve optimal outcomes. If necessary, we collaborate with specialists to provide comprehensive care.

Procedure Comfort and Anesthesia Options

Your comfort is our priority. During the ridge augmentation procedure, we offer various anesthesia options, including local anesthesia and sedation, to ensure a pain-free experience. Our team will also explain the pain management techniques available during and after the procedure, ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery process.

Aftercare and Recovery

Following ridge augmentation, we will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions to promote optimal healing and recovery. We will guide you on maintaining good oral hygiene practices specific to ridge augmentation. Additionally, we schedule follow-up visits to monitor your healing progress and ensure the success of the procedure.

Contact Southwest Dentistry for Ridge Augmentation

Take the first step towards restoring your jawbone and improving your oral health by scheduling an appointment at Southwest Dentistry. Our friendly team is ready to assist you. For inquiries and further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us help you regain your smile’s strength and beauty through ridge augmentation.

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